Assessment Process


Where concerns have been raised about a child’s welfare or a parent’s capacity to provide safe and appropriate care, Resolve assessments provide clear analysis of:

  • The child′s development and their emotional/psychological needs
  • The parent’s ability to meet both the physical and emotional needs of their child
  • Practical skills such as budgeting
  • Relationships and interactions between parent and child, including attachment
  • The wider family functioning
  • The parent’s understanding of professionals’ concerns
  • The likely ability of the parents to protect the child from harm
  • The parent’s capacity for durable and sustained change
  • The levels of risks and resilience for that family
  • Recommendations of what support each member of the family might need
  • The long-term prognosis for change

The assessment pathway

Once a referral has been accepted, we liaise closely with the Local Authority Social Worker about the family’s arrival. All families are offered a virtual tour of the House and can meet staff virtually before they arrive. Any specific needs and support are discussed.

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