Supporting Parents with Learning Needs


Resolve has developed a specialist service to work with parents who have learning needs. Our staff have accessed further training in Parent Assess assessment model and our documentation and observations reflect the model, therefore the assessment is more holistic and simplified.

Specialist service

Our processes and practice are in line with ‘Good Practice Guidance on working with Parents with a Learning Disability’ (UOB 2021). Our sessions are individually planned with shorter sessions, frequent breaks and are repeated as required.

For parents who have learning needs, we offer an enhanced level of support and supervision ensuring that staff are present to demonstrate, model and reiterate information as often as necessary.

We have an Assistant Manager who has further training and expertise in working with parents who have a learning need, and she oversees and manages the cases.

We employ a Teaching, Learning and Accessibility Lead (specialist teacher) who ensures that information is accessible for all and who works directly with our families to provide bespoke training packages as well as undertaking literacy and numeracy assessments for each parent.

All of our information is easy read and pictoral and individualised to each parents’ specific needs and learning style.

To compliment this service, we have supported a housing unit directly next door to our Ofsted registered Residential Family Centre where families can be supported to further develop their knowledge and skills and develop their independence where an assessment outcome has been positive.

Image with all the items a parent needs to take before leaving the house

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