Amy’s story: how early intervention can help young parents-to-be


Amy was 18 and pregnant. She had a difficult relationship with her mother and moved out at 14 following an argument, staying with various relatives and, in the latter years, sofa surfing on friends’ couches.

She came to Resolve when she was six months pregnant. She had a solid relationship with the baby’s father, Jon who was 18, however there were concerns regarding his abusive and criminal history. His early life had been unsettled and he too didn’t have a good relationship with his mother; he didn’t know his father and so had no male role model in his life.

How did Resolve help Amy and Jon?

Both Amy and Jon were committed to their relationship. Resolve worked with both Amy and Jon to support them to prepare to become parents. They needed to know what the expectations were on them as they became parents; and what they would need to learn to keep their baby safe. Jon was supported to seek employment and was helped by staff to devise a CV and given interview support to be able to attend interviews. Jon was successful in getting a job as a kitchen porter and undertook this work whilst still living in Resolve with Amy and their baby.

Following a positive assessment, Amy and Jon moved into Resolve’s transition flat to be able to continue to care for their baby yet have staff on hand for support and advice. This wasn’t without challenges – Amy struggled at times to take support and guidance from staff and felt at times ‘abandoned’ by Jon who was going out to work whilst she was ‘left at home with the baby’. Staff worked hard to support both Amy and Jon to help them to understand the highs and lows of relationships and the day to day challenges that occur; and to deal with them in calm and mature ways, communicating all the way.

After a year Amy and Jon moved into their own accommodation – independent of Resolve.

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