Saida’s story: finding the right path for a young woman with a traumatic past


Saida was 19 years old. She was a looked after child having had a traumatic upbringing.

There were concerns about her chaotic lifestyle, drug taking and her vulnerabilities to exploitation – she would get to know men through social media and then go and meet with them. She came to Resolve when her baby was two days old.

How did Resolve find the right path for Saida?

Saida found the demands of a small baby extremely challenging and she struggled to prioritise the needs of the baby.

Being young she still wanted to go out and have a social life, continuing to contact and meet men whom she had got to know through social media. She would spend her money on getting her nails done or hair done rather than buy milk and nappies for the baby. Interventions were targeted on how to care for her baby and prioritising their needs as well as the emotions surrounding becoming a new mum with responsibilities for another human being.

There was no doubt that she loved her baby however despite support and intensive interventions; Saida could not prioritise baby’s needs.

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