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Our aim is to ensure that every parent is given the help, support and skills that they require to enable them to provide a safe and secure lifestyle for themselves and their family.

We strongly believe that every child has the right to grow up in a secure, loving environment and should be supported to achieve their full potential. We are aware that some families face greater challenges and difficulties in providing this for their children and our aim is to fully support and provide the skills necessary to empower parents and enable them to provide secure and safe futures for themselves and their family.

For this to happen, we need to work together. Upon admission, families will meet a member of staff who will explain the following:

  • What will be expected of you
  • What you can expect from us
  • How we will support you

All staff are qualified and experienced to assist, support and advise and come from a variety of different professional backgrounds.

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Safeguarding children and families

The safety of the children in our care is paramount. Our residential parenting assessments provide an exceptional and unparalleled level of safeguarding for children whilst assessments of a parent’s capacity to provide full-time primary care are made.

The level of direct observation by the highly experienced assessment team and the indirect observation via CCTV allows a high level of risk to be managed safely, for example, for families where non-accidental injuries may have occurred, or where the risk of immediate harm to the child is high.

The level of monitoring and supervision of a child is variable depending on the needs of the family and is agreed by all parties involved prior to any changes during the assessment.

We work flexibly and creatively with families, to minimise intrusion whilst ensuring safeguarding and informing the assessment. Families are provided with robust support and feedback during their assessment, which varies depending on their specific needs and abilities.

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